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Exhibition Launch

Please join us for the opening of the Remnant/Emergency Artlab – incorporating the outcomes of what has now been informally called the ‘Batlab’ – an investigation of the future relationships that we must foster between ourselves and other species – in this case the wonderful, mysterious ‘Grey Headed Flying Fox’. TUESDAY 30th Nov - exhibition

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Bat Rescue Visit

Today we made our second visit to the amazing people in Brisbane who work to rescue the sick and injured bats that fall foul of barbed wire, backyard fruit netting, dogs and other dire situations – these unpaid people work in highly stressful situations and their work is on the frontline of the bat/human dilemma

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Some Bats are Welome

Micro-Bats are welcome at the Royal Botanic Gardens – in fact a new home is being built for them – which also doubles as Australia’s most expensive sculpture (at $4.5-million). “A naturalist from the Australian Museum who assisted with the sculpture, Martyn Robinson, says while most public spaces eventually became habitats for plants and animals, [...]

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The Great Grey Headed Flying Fox Debate

A historical post from the Australasian Bat Society – – concerning the issues leading up to the expulsion of flying foxes from Melbourne Botanical Gardens – a precursor to the intended expulsion action in Sydney The Great Grey headed Flying Fox Debate Distribution and status of the species The Grey-headed Flying Fox, while predominantly [...]

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Aye Aye

One of the rarest animals on earth – a type of lemur from Madagasgar with bat like features – on the edge of extinction in part because to have its hand point at you is a curse to the lcoals – a great example of how addressing culture is so often a precursor to conservation [...]

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