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Press Release 'Remnant / Emergency' Artlab #2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, 18 November 2010:

Remnant/Emergency ArtLab Kicks off in Sydney

The ArtLab team with Natalie Jeremijenko (NYU), have taken residence at ARTSPACE , Woolloomooloo where they will work for the next two weeks.

“ We have commenced clinical trials investigating what a better bat/human partnership looks like. These trials involve researching common food sources between humans and bats, future bat infrastructure, communications and issues of relocation.” said Keith Armstrong of the ArtLab Team.

Throughout the project the team will run a series of place specific labs across the globe, employing ‘radical creative processes’ and participatory practice to address environmental issues.

The Sydney lab engages the Federal Government approved plan to permanently relocate the Grey Headed Flying Foxes from the Sydney Botanic asking a series of questions through the trials:. Why are the flying foxes choosing to roost in the middle of the city; What are the implications of the ‘relocation’ for this vulnerable species; How can we re-imagine the relationship between humans and non humans in urban environments?

The ArtLab Team are hosting workshops over the next few days with invited ‘collaborators and experts’ to further develop the clinical trials and imagine future opportunities for a Bat/Human partnership. Guest participants include, leading Bat Ecologists Peggy Eby and Kerryn Parry Jones, Academic Deborah Rose and Architects David Hancocks and Tom Rivard.

There will also be an urban agriculture workshop at UTS on Saturday the 27th November from 1-3pm and we are looking for participants! For more information visit or email us at

The ArtLab project will be officially launched at UTS Gallery on the 30th November, 6-8pm with the Xtension Exhibition opening that will present outcomes of the research and trials.

The Xtension exhibition runs from 1st-10th December and there are other ways to get involved so check out the Remnant/Emergency ArtLab Blog.

The REMNANT/EMERGENCY Artlab has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body in collaboration with QUT Creative Industries, the UTS Research Centres for Contemporary Design Practices and Human-Centred Technology Design, the UTS Gallery, the Participatory Design Conference (PDC 2010), the Australian Research Council, Artspace Sydney and many others.  See for further details.



A/Prof Natalie Jeremijenko, New York University, Dr. Keith Armstrong, Senior Research Fellow, QUT Creative Industries, Brisbane, Professor Tony Fry, Design Futures, Griffith University, Brisbane, James MullerLeah BarclayTega BrainKirsty Boyle and Ilka Nelson, collaborating in Sydney with UTS academics Dr. Lian Loke, and Dr. Lizzie Muller of UTS.

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